Erotikos #1 cover

Dark Fuse

Erotikos #1 (edited by) Dave Thomas Shane Staley

Limited Edition $35.00

Erotikós is an ongoing erotic horror fiction series published by DarkFuse. Editors are working with some of the best established and upcoming writers in the sub-genre to mix elements of sex, lust and horror into original tales that will leave you shaking…one way or another.

Table of Contents:

  • “Sweet Baby Girl” by Angela Addams
  • “Pavor Nocturnus” by Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason
  • “Whispers in Your Heart” by Jennifer Loring
  • “Invasion” by Renée Miller
  • “Hotel Naamah” by Sandy DeLuca
  • “Irving’s Story” by Brian Lumley

The limited edition hardcover contains the following exclusive bonus stories:

  • “Suck” by Jennifer Loring
  • “Good Vibrations” by Renée Miller

Limited to 100 signed, by Brian Lumley, and numbered copies


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