All Good Things: The Last SFX Visions cover

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All Good Things: The Last SFX Visions David Langford

Limited Edition $45.00

Illustrations by Andy Watt 
A highly regarded writer and critic, David Langford (who describes himself as "notoriously deaf yet mysteriously able to detect the quietest offer of a drink") is the proud winner of twenty-nine Hugo Awards. Renowned for his keen eye and sharp wit, he is responsible for the long-running fan journal Ansible, which has been described as genre fiction’s Private Eye. All Good Things gathers together 100 articles, most of which represent the author’s final run of pieces for SFX magazine (2009 to 2016), though articles from other venues including The New York Review of Science Fiction also feature.  
This volume contains a number of illustrations by cover artist Andy Watt, whose work regularly accompanied David’s articles in SFX. The hardback includes 14 full page colour prints of Andy's work, the paperback 12 black and white images. 

Limited to 50 signed and numbered copies


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