A Time For Grief: Volume 2 of Tales of the Apt cover

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A Time For Grief: Volume 2 of Tales of the Apt Adrian Tchaikovsky

Limited Stand Alone Unmatched Copy $45.00
Limited Edition - see below to order matching #'d set SOLD OUT

A new collection of stories that shed fresh light on the dangerous and complex world of the insect-kinden, including three that are previously unpublished. The Tales of the Apt series provides a different perspective on the fantastic realm first encountered in the author’s best-selling Shadows of the Apt series, gathering together short stories from disparate places and supplementing them with a wealth of new tales written especially for these books. A must read for any fan of the Shadows of the Apt books, where epic fantasy meets steampunk, science, and so much more.


  • Introduction                                   
  • Loyalties                                       
  • Bones                                          
  • Queen of the Night                    
  • Fallen Heroes                               
  • The Price of Salt                         
  • The Naturalist                              
  • The Last Ironclad                       
  • Alicaea’s Children                                
  • A Time for Grief                               
  • The Peacemongers  

Limited to 100 signed and numbered copies - click here to order a matching numered set of book 1 and 2

  • We have 1 stand alone unmatched copy available


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