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The Book of Counted Sorrows Dean Koontz

Limited Edition $595.00
Limited Edition - Consignment $495.00

Published in 2003

A collection of poems by Dean Koontz

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

For many years Koontz fans everywhere searched for this elusive book. Many librarians were frustrated in their attempts to locate it, because it did not exist. This was confirmed by a librarian from Cedar Rapids Public Library who corresponded with Koontz regarding this mysterious book.[citation needed] Koontz himself stated that he received up to 3,000 letters per year inquiring about it.

In a letter dated August 10, 1992, Koontz stated:

Actually, there is no such book. I made it up. The way you made up footnote sources for fabricated facts in high-school English reports. Oh, come on, yes, you did. Sometimes, when I need a bit of verse to convey some of the underlying themes of a section of a novel, I can't find anything applicable, so I write my own and attribute it to this imaginary tome. I figured readers would eventually realize THE BOOK OF COUNTED SORROWS was my own invention, and I never expected that one day librarians and booksellers would be writing from all over the country, asking for help in tracking down this rare and mysterious volume!

Koontz went on to say that he would publish such a book in a few years, when he had enough verses to fill a volume. He included a history of the poems in the beginning of the book, followed by the poems, some having never been in any of his books.

Limited Edition: 1250 signed and numberd hardcovers, without dustjacket as issued, in slipcase


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