Exalted On Bellatrix 1 cover

PS Publishing

Exalted On Bellatrix 1 Eric Brown

Trade Edition $25.00
Limited Edition $38.00

Cover Art:: Tomsilav Tikulin

On his long quest to locate his daughter, Matt Hendrick is approaching the end game. His lover, telepath Mercury Velasquez, has traced Matt’s ex-wife and his daughter to the planet of Beltran, Bellatrix I, home of the advanced but reclusive alien race known as the Vhey.

But why have his ex-wife and her lover Dr Hovarth taken Matt’s daughter to Beltran? Are they in search of an alien cure for the girl’s illness?

Hendrick and Mercury Telemass to Beltran and find a secretive artists’ colony ruled by the renowned crystal artist Edward Lincoln and discover the secret of Lincoln’s fascination with the Vhey.    In a moving and horrific dénouement, Hendrick at last finds his daughter – but she is in mortal danger from a source other than the natives of Beltran.

Exalted on Bellatrix 1 is the fourth instalment of Eric Brown's thrilling and exotic Telemass Quartet.

Unsigned hardcover

Limited to 100 signed and numbered copies


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