Dust of the Devil’s Land cover

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Dust of the Devil’s Land Bryan Killian

Limited Edition $85.00

Black Voltage #82

Roger and Brett, two boys riding out the end of the world in a tree house, will soon be faced with starvation unless they venture beyond the streets of their once idyllic neighborhood. Not an easy task when you don’t trust adults. Elsewhere in the fallen city of Redding California, Jack, shell-shocked after the deaths of his wife and child, embarks on one final mission for his soul.

It’s been weeks since the arrival of the zombies, and now pockets of survivors huddle together to form what’s left of humanity, not knowing a new threat is clawing its way near. Even the smartest, strongest, and most resilient can fall to the teeth and claws of the dead.

Dust of the Devil’s Land, Bryan Killian’s follow up to Welcome to Necropolis, explores loss, agony, survival, and the last stand for humanity. Take a wild ride to the final minutes of all we know.

“A gripping, emotional journey through the end of days! I loved it!” –Ryan C. Thomas, author of the Summer I Died.

Limited to 52 signed and numbered copies


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